‘Tis the Season to Support Common Ground!

Utretch's Art Supply store located on Woodward at 12 mile road is offering customers the opportunity to support Common Ground's Art Therapy Program.  Helping us help those in need has never been easier!

All you have to do is go to Utretch's and buy a little snowman.  The snowman can be purchased for a donation of $1 or more.  Utretch's will generously donate all proceeds from the snowmen sold to Common Ground's Art Therapy program.

"The desire to create and to express is a basic human need," explained art therapist Margaret Sands-Goldstein.    As an art therapist who teaches at both Wayne State University and Common Ground, Sands-Goldstein believes art is therapeutic and brings about self-awareness and personal growth.  "Spending time in creative endeavors is a positive alternative to negative coping skills like substance abuse, isolation, anger or self-harm," she added.

As mental health professionals, art therapists use the creative process to help their clients cope better with stress and to work through traumatic experiences.  The belief is that there is an inherent healing power in the creative process itself and that art is a means of symbolic communication.

Visiting Utretch's Art Supply store now through December 24 and purchasing a little snowman will help Common Ground continue to share the precious gift of creative expression and healing with those truly in need.  Don't delay--stop by Utretch's today!

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