The Daily Well-3 Part Series On Health

Common Ground board member Rita Patel hosts a wellness show on cable T.V.  A Health Coach and Wellbeing Strategist by profession, she works with individuals, groups and organizations developing strategies and techniques that lead to success in achieving health and wellness goals.  She has also been working with Common Ground to develop a wellness program for the agency staff as well as the people we serve.

The reasoning behind this culture change for the agency is the fact that food is not only foundational to physical health; it is also related to other aspects of well-being, including mental health.  That’s why Common Ground has embraced wellness as a core value of the agency.

Patel conducted assessments at each Common Ground facility that serves food to identify specific needs.  That included everything from doing cooking demonstrations to providing recipes and educating on how to eat well on a budget.  For staff, Patel is developing extensive materials related to wellness and making them available.  She also offers free one-hour health assessments and wellness counseling and hosts a wellness show on cable TV.  View the first three episodes below.


Episode #1

On the debut of this brand new series, host Rita G. Patel offers information on maintaining a healthy diet. She prepares a low-cost, healthy vegetable stew.

Episode #2

Host Rita Patel offers nutrition advice and she shares a tasty and healthy recipe for Black Bean Brownies.

Episode #3

Host Rita Patel talks about the effects of stress and she also shares a healthy soup recipe.