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Misconceptions About Eating Disorders and Tips To Support Yourself or Someone in Recovery

National Eating Disorder Awareness week happens this month February 25th-March 3rd. As someone who is currently in recovery from an eating disorder, this week means a lot to me, as…

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Substance Abuse Disorders – what to look for and how to seek help

“In 2016, 28.6 million people aged 12 or older used an illicit drug in the past 30 days, which corresponds to about 1 in 10 Americans overall (10.6 percent) but…

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Warning Signs for Suicide

  Signs of suicide can easily go unnoticed. Even close friends and loved ones may not know or recognize warning signs, many of which seem harmless. Warning Signs for Suicide:…

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Why Do Youth Run Away From Home?

  It’s a question that a lot of people don’t know the answer to. Sometimes even when their own children run away, a parent or guardian can find themselves wondering…

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