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Contact Information

For general inquiries, please contact Elizabeth King at
or by phone at 248-917-2774


Please feel free to use our Public Service Announcement for the purpose of promoting the services that we provide to the communities of Oakland and Genesee County.

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If you require file formats of a higher quality or would like information on how we’d like them placed, please feel free to contact our Media department.

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Photos & Videos

We’ve compiled a collection of photos and videos that highlight the facilities that we offer our community. If you’d like to schedule a tour, please feel free to contact our Marketing and Communications Specialist at

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Press Releases

Please feel free to access any of our current and past press releases. If you have any questions regarding these resources, please feel free to contact our Marketing and Communications Specialist.

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Below is an archive of the brochures that we currently use to promote our services to our community.

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