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Resource & Crisis Hub: 1-800-231-1127

If it’s a crisis to you, we feel it, too.

In moments of crisis, we all need a safe space where we can seek comfort and guidance. Where we can feel heard and validated. Where we’ll be met with compassion, not judgment. And that’s where Common Ground comes in. Whether you’re dealing with a mental health emergency, need counseling or emergency shelter, or just need someone to talk to, we offer confidential crisis support, 24/7.

Read on to learn more about Common Ground, the organization that’s been nationally recognized as one of the most comprehensive crisis service agencies in the country.

Our vision for the future

Our long-term goal is that our efforts continue to make a positive impact on people’s lives and throughout their communities, which will lead more people to feel safe asking for help. As a result, demand for our services will continue to grow, thus driving the further growth of Common Ground.

Our mission

Helping people in crisis 24/7 is at the heart of everything we do by offering hope, healing and recovery. Our caring and dedicated team meets people wherever they are: in person, call, text, chat or virtually. We listen, assist and advocate for anyone who needs emotional support, so they don’t feel alone.

Core values



Delivering the best with every action



Maximizing the potential of all



Always working toward shared goals



Exploring new ways to positively impact our community

Diversity & Inclusivity

Diversity and Inclusivity

Welcoming and respectful of people and ideas

Strategic plan

Every three or four years, Common Ground writes a strategic plan to provide direction and focus for the agency. This iteration focuses on six strategic “pillars.” These are key areas we believe Common Ground must focus on to be successful in the years ahead. The pillars we identified were:

  • Invest in our people
  • Ensure diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Leverage business intelligence
  • Maximize process excellence
  • Support growth
  • Create an economic engine

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