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Mobile Crisis Unit available for Oakland County adults

Common Ground’s mobile crisis unit (Oakland Crisis Intervention and Recovery Team – OCIRT)  serves adults in Oakland County by intervening in the face of a crisis to deescalate and provide support. OCIRT is composed of Clinicians and Certified Peer Support … Read more

African American woman holding cell phone in front of her with a contemplative look on her face.

Three Common Misconceptions About Calling a Crisis Line

By Heather Hankins, MiCAL Crisis Line Shift Supervisor, Common Ground In times of distress, calling a crisis line can provide vital support and assistance. However, due to various misconceptions surrounding crisis hotlines, many individuals may be reluctant to reach out … Read more

First Responders Suffering in Silence

By James Peyton, Paramedic, TCCC, Frontline Strong Administrator, Common Ground There is a silent crisis happening worldwide. First responders are quietly suffering because of the stigma surrounding the utilization of mental health services. First responders are more likely to suffer … Read more

Providing a Place of Compassion, Support and Hope

The original intention of this blog was to share a day in the life of a Common Ground Crisis Residential Unit team member. After interviewing Shelley Yost, Certified Peer Support Specialist and Recovery Coach, and learning about Peer Recovery Coach … Read more

Identifying Human Trafficking and Its Presence in Your Community

Would you know human trafficking if you saw it in your community? Stephanie Saville, Marketing & Communications Specialist at Common Ground interviewed Allison Mercer, MS, Victim Advocate – Human Trafficking at Common Ground to talk about what defines human trafficking, … Read more

Oakland County Community Responds to Oxford High School Shooting

Common Ground was honored to participate in the community-wide interagency response to the November 30 Oxford High School shooting. Hours after the shooting, Common Ground had two advocates in Oxford High School, supporting the front-line high school teachers and administrators late into … Read more

Oakland County Homeless Students Struggle During Pandemic

In Michigan’s wealthiest county, there are more than 2,000 homeless students representing all 28 public school districts. Although many Oakland County students were able to retreat to the comfort of their wifi-enabled homes during the pandemic as schools transitioned to … Read more

The Truth About Conversion ‘Therapy’ in Michigan

As we celebrate the strides made for LGBTQ Americans, we must also recognize the steps that still need to be taken to ensure true equity for the community. The Trevor Project keeps track of Conversion Therapy legislation in the United … Read more