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Annual Report

Our Annual Report gives a glimpse of our fiscal year milestones and community impact as well as an announcement of the appreciation for the community support that makes our mission possible.

Please feel free to view our annual reports from the last three fiscal years in the pdfs below:

Form 990 Tax-Exempt Information Return

As a tax-exempt organization, Common Ground must file an annual information return with the IRS. This form is used to gather information about our organization and to verify that we follow tax law requirements for tax-exempt organizations. This form also informs the public about how an organization is governed. Please feel free to view the current form in pdf below.

Strategic Plan

Every three or four years, Common Ground writes a strategic plan to provide direction and focus for the agency. This iteration focuses on four strategic “pillars”. These are key areas we believe Common Ground must focus on to be successful in the years ahead. The four pillars we identified were:

  • Growth – given the growing numbers of people seeking our services and our stated desire to expand our reach, how will we continue to pursue our mission of helping all people move from crisis to hope (redesign of crisis services)
  • Technology – how can we leverage available advancements (i.e. artificial intelligence) to improve the quality and quantity of our care
  • Public Policy and Advocacy – how can we influence the laws and those in power to consider the needs of those we serve and how we are able to better serve them
  • Governance – what is the board’s role in helping Common Ground reach its potential?