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Clarkston spa owner holds event to raise money for suicide awareness

CLARKSTON, Mich. – The winter months can be difficult on our skin, and sometimes we need to give ourselves a little tender loving care.

At the Heavenly Day spa in Clarkston, customers can treat themselves to a spa day while also donating to a great cause.

“Why don’t I take what I learned to do in school and everything that I love and am so passionate about and put it together and raise money for suicide prevention?” said Jessica Keesling, the owner of Heavenly Day spa.

This month, Keesling’s spa is holding a spa day to raise money for Common Ground, a Pontiac organization that helps bring awareness to suicide and helps with mental illness.

Suicide is a familiar issue for Keesling and her family.

“I lost my dad in 2009, when I was 16 years old,” Keesling said. “Fast forward three years later, I lost my grandpa in 2013, and then this past year, I lost my uncle.”


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