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Volunteer Application

Thanks for your interest in volunteering at Common Ground. Donating your time and talent is a fantastic way to show how much you care. Please share some information about yourself in the application below and hit "Submit" when you're done. A member of our volunteer coordination team will contact you shortly to follow up.

Volunteering questions? Please call 248.456.8150 or email

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

Which type of position are you applying for?

What are you available for volunteer assignments? Select all that apply?

What type of work interests you? Check all that apply.*

Which type of crisis intervention and emotional support work interests you? Select all that apply?

Do you have personal and/or professional knowledge of topics such as domestic violence, mental health, suicide prevention, substance abuse, etc.? If so, please explain.

Are you seeking student credit, community service credit, or any other type of credit in exchange for your volunteer efforts?

Why are you interested in doing crisis intervention work at Common Ground? Please describe yourself and tell us what motivates you. Share a brief statement of your general outlook on life, as well as any events you feel have significantly impacted your personal development. (Do not provide a lengthy personal history.)

Have you ever worked in crisis intervention or any type of counseling/therapy program ?

Please briefly summarize your primary reasons for applying to this program and tell us what you hope to gain.

Do you have particularly strong feelings about any of these issues? Select all that apply

Please briefly describe your feelings about each issue you selected above. Can you remain objective while interacting with someone who is currently facing any of these issues?

Have you recently experienced a significant loss or trauma?

Are you currently attending counseling/therapy?

What do you think would be easiest for you about working in crisis intervention?

What do you think would be most difficult for you about working in crisis intervention?

Crisis intervention work can be stressful. What causes stress in your life, and how do you cope?

What positive qualities do you bring to Common Ground?

Please tell us about any volunteer experience and/or special skills you have to offer.