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January is Mentoring Month

The benefits of mentoring 

Studies show that 59% of mentored teenagers earn better grades, 27% of mentored youth are less likely to begin using alcohol and 52% of mentored youth are less likely to skip school. The power of mentoring is of extreme importance. It ensures that the youth stays connected, motivated and aware of what a healthy relationship consists of.

The mentoring relationship between the mentor and the mentee is built on mutual trust, respect and communication. The benefits of a mentoring relationship are endless. For a mentee, there are multiple benefits to having a mentor, including educational and behavioral growth, such as a higher likelihood in high school graduation, healthier relationships and lifestyle choices, enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence, stronger relationships with parents and improved interpersonal skills. The guidance, encouragement and support of a trusted mentor also leads to new ideas and ways of thinking, helps the mentee stay motivated, and shows what a healthy relationship consists of, especially for at-risk youth.

There are also benefits for the mentor as well. For the mentor, being a positive role model to someone offers personal satisfaction and an opportunity to reflect on their own goals and development as a person. It also gives them a chance to be a leader and help guide a youth in a positive direction by passing on skills and ideas.


Common Ground’s T.E.A.M Mentoring Program

The T.E.A.M Mentoring Program at Common Ground stands for Teach, empower, aim for awareness and motivate. The program focuses on helping youth who are at risk of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, or face the possibility of being committed into a juvenile detention facility.

The mentoring program is a yearlong program, mentors and mentees meet approximately twice a month, for a minimal of two hours depending on the activity. We aim to take time to engage with youth one on one by encouraging them, helping them accomplish goals, teach new life skills and offer support. We help them become aware of what a healthy relationship is, what a healthy relationship consists of, and what sexual exploitation and human trafficking looks like.

In this program, youth should expect to have a mentor that is consistent, caring, supportive, encouraging, understanding, patient, enthusiastic, fun and respectful. Common Ground strives to better the lives of at-risk youth in the community through this program. For more information, call 248-547-2260 or email