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Special Report: Fighting a rise in suicides

Each day a physician dies by suicide in the U.S. — a number widely acknowledged as the highest rate of suicide of any profession — and 1.4 times that of the general male population for men physicians and 2.3 times that of the general female population for women physicians.

It is possible, say some experts, that overall physician suicide rates are getting close to the national suicide rate of military veterans at 30 per 100,000, which have been treated as an epidemic.

The best data on suicide by business professionals, lawyers and doctors comes from a 17-state study the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted in 2016 on suicides by occupations based on 2012 data. So far, it is the only multi-state study of its kind.

Experts told Crain’s the published CDC data reflects widely held opinions of people in many of the professional fields.

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