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Sara’s Testimonial

After Sara Majoros lost her younger brother to suicide, she realized the importance of getting people the help they need before it’s too late. Now, Sara volunteers on Common Ground’s Resource and Crisis Helpline, assisting with everything from concerned parents to housing issues and domestic violence situations.

Latraya’s Testimonial

As a supervisor at Common Ground’s 24-hour crisis intervention services unit, Latraya Cobb is on the front lines of addressing acute mental health needs. The global pandemic has resulted in more people — including children — facing stress and anxiety, making Common Ground’s services critically important.

Dana’s Testimonial

10 years ago, Dana’s daughter completed the expressive arts program at the Sanctuary. Because of her time at the Sanctuary, Dana’s daughter learned how to express herself through art and rekindle a positive connection with her mother. After seeing the change in her daughter, Dana decided to join the Sanctuary program as a Residential Specialist.

Jenifer’s Testimonial

When Jenifer was young, she was diagnosed and treated for ADHD. During her adult years, Jenifer learned she had the wrong diagnosis all those years. Through Common Ground, Jenifer was given the proper treatment and medication for her new diagnosis, Bipolar Disorder with Anxiety. Jenifer is now a Recovery Coach at Common Ground, helping others that went through similar challenges as she did.

Melvin’s Testimonial

When Melvin had no support during a tough time in his life, he turned to Common Ground’s Resource and Crisis Helpline. Through the Resource and Crisis Helpline, Common Ground was able to get Melvin the help and support he needed. Melvin is now a Recovery Coach in Common Ground’s Sober Support Unit, helping others that were once in similar situations that Melvin went through and overcame.

Jessica’s Testimonial

After losing her father, uncle and grandfather to suicide, Jessica was looking for a way to cope with her losses. In 2013, Jessica organized the first Facials Against Suicide. Facials Against Suicide is an annual fundraiser which focuses on raising funds for Common Ground’s suicide prevention and awareness programs. Jessica is the owner of Heavenly Day Spa and an advocate for Common Ground and suicide prevention. Jessica has also found the Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group at Common Ground to be an essential part of her healing process.

Terri’s Testimonial

When Terri’s 24-year old son, Nate died by suicide, her world fell apart. Faced with this unthinkable loss, Terri struggled to make it through each day. That is when she found Common Ground.

Paul’s Testimonial

After suffering with paranoid delusions, racing thoughts and misdiagnoses for over 20 years, Paul became homeless, and he lost all hope. That’s when he found Common Ground.